The Progression of My Logo Design

I don’t know if I suffer more from a creative itch that needs to be scratched or simply a scattered brain. My wife makes fun of me about my website because it undergoes more transitions than a CSS transition gallery. I digress. The new layout and design I can say is much more to my liking. I am not saying that I have already arrived but that I believe I am starting to implement design, graphics and CSS in a more clean look to my eye. Below is a look at how design in my logos have evolved.

The final logo is my latest rendition and is likely to stay awhile. Unless of course that itch starts again. A step further in the design process would be to create the logo all in CSS styles which would likely will be doable. There it is again.

Part of the purpose of this was to reflect better my abilities. Some thought went into it working with icons that are often included in browsers and social sites when shared. I am becoming more conscience of compatibility for websites and use beyond the header of a website.

Well, say hello or share a little something.