A Mind-Blowing Cover Letter- What would you do?

Recently I’ve been on a new job hunt. After quite a few years of doing gigs I figure that a little stability might be nice. After all who doesn’t like knowing where their next pay check is coming from. One particular job I came across was for a non-profit doing marketing volunteer work. I’ve worked with non-profits since graduating college. While looking at it and thinking I wouldn’t working for them I came across one requirement which was to provide a mind-blowing cover letter. Tall order, right? What does the hiring manager think of as a mind-blowing cover letter any way? That got me to thinking perhaps a little to literal and the end result was the image below. We will see how it is received.

Have you ever applied for a job in a non traditional way and were hired?

I would like to know from any creative people out there what kind of things you did to get noticed by prospective companies. Please share your thoughts, ideas, and success.