Hi, I’m Derek Hanson.

Creative, Designer, Marketer.

I live in the Portland Metro area and simply enjoy the Northwest.    My occupation is digital marketing and I can’t help but create.  I love talking SEO, social media and design and WordPress.  My love for WordPress might be a bit more of an addiction if not an obsession.     I have a bit of design sense and enjoy CSS, Photoshop, and Illustrator.    I like attending conferences and meeting new people.

Some of my favorite pastimes are cooking and eating food and would consider myself an amateur foodie.  I have mild interests in basketball which I at this point in my life is more a spectator than a participant.   I love music and enjoy playing guitar, drums, and a bit of piano.  Which the latter is more of a work in progress.  I am a bit of a people person and enjoy meeting new people (Oh, did I mention that already).  Learning is an important aspect of my life and have taught myself guitar, piano, CSS, html, design, some programming and working on Spanish.  I love doing all of this and can’t imagine doing them without my wife.

Here are a few other places you can find me.
Emprise Media (Company)